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Athletes Who Smoke Cannabis – Ricky Williams (NFL)

Ricky Williams is a notable athlete who has used cannabis throughout his playing career, as well as advocating for cannabis use after his playing days. He was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, and avoidance disorder which lead him to use cannabis as medicine. Athletes who smoke cannabis have often faced prejudice in terms of their playing time, careers, or even endorsements.

Williams claims that his, “personal goal is to elevate the legitimacy of cannabis as a medicine and the respect of medical professionals for cannabis users.”

Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams is certainly an influential athlete in terms of cannabis use in sport. His advocacy continues to this day, and Wiliams is a well-known marijuana consumer and public speaker.

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Ricky Williams was a great college and NFL athlete.

Ricky Williams Athletic Career – Athletes Who Smoke Cannabis

In 1994, Williams accepted an athletic scholarship and played for the Texas Longhorns Football program from 1995-1998. He holds or shares 20 NCAA records in American Football and won the Heisman Trophy.

Interestingly, during the 1995 Major League Baseball draft, Williams was selected by the Philadelphia Phillies. Ricky Williams played four seasons in their minor league system but opted for a full-time NFL career in 1999.

Moving on to the NFL, Ricky Williams was selected with the fifth pick by the New Orleans Saints in the NFL entry draft. After spending three seasons in New Orleans, Williams was then traded to the Miami Dolphins. In 2002, Williams led the NFL in rushing yards, as well as receiving all-star accolades.

Ricky Williams Was Forced Into Early Retirement Due To Cannabis

After testing positive for cannabis in December of 2003, Williams faced a $650,000 fine, as well as a suspension. Interestingly, Williams had tested positive for cannabis when he joined the Miami Dolphins, but this was not made public until later.

After this revelation was made public, Williams announced an intention to retire from the NFL. Many believe this was due to Williams’ medicine conflicting with league-wide policies.

Athletes Who Smoke Cannabis – Ricky Williams Returns To Football

Ricky Williams made the announcement he would return to the NFL on July 24, 2005. He had to pay back some of his signing bonus as well as completing his four-game suspension.

After just one season, Williams violated the NFL’s drug policy for the fourth time. Williams was suspended for the entire 2006 NFL season and looked north to continue his trade. Ricky Williams played in the Canadian Football League for the Toronto Argonauts for one season.

Now that Williams had served his one season suspension, he returned to the NFL with the Miami Dolphins. Subjected to weekly drug tests in his first season back in football, Williams passed and continued his NFL career for another six seasons!

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Williams is a well-known advocate for cannabis as medicine.

Ricky Williams NFL Career – Athletes Who Smoke Cannabis

Ricky Williams played in the NFL for a total of 11 seasons, becoming the 26th player to reach the 10,000-yard rushing mark. He also owns two Miami Dolphins franchise records (Most rushing yards in a season: 1,853 (2002) and Most rushing touchdowns in a season: 16 (2002).

His cannabis use was completely misunderstood by the NFL and the public. Many of his teammates did not understand social anxiety and labelled him an oddball.

Ricky Williams – Cannabis Advocate

“I believe that sharing my story of using cannabis to heal from physical pain can aid the medical profession’s understanding of the reason why people turn to cannabis and how its effects are different from conventional medicines.”

Ricky Williams.

Now, Williams even has his own medical marijuana company, Real Wellness!

Now, 20 NFL teams play in states that have legalized cannabis. Many have claimed that sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, and NHL turn a blind eye to cannabis use nowadays because it is so helpful and less harmful than opiates or other drugs.

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