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Cannabis Cookbooks – Cooking With Marijuana

A cannabis cookbook have become a staple resource for many in the marijuana community. There are a massive variety of reasons as to why people need to consume cannabis other than smoking it. One of the main reasons is the fact that smoking does get the absolute most out of your marijuana.

Some individuals, such as athletes, the elderly, and others with severe ailments, that need the strongest possible effects from their cannabis. This is where ingesting and edible marijuana comes in handy.

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada and many U.S States, information surrounding the plant is crucial to new and experienced users alike. Books about cannabis make for great presents for others, coffee table readers, and even study aids for those who work in the legal marijuana industry.


Before embarking on making edibles, you will need cannabis oil or butter that will serve as the base of many of these recipes. Check out our cannabis butter and cannabis coconut oil recipes below and let us know how you find them!

FREE: Cloudy Kitchen Cannabis Butter Recipe

FREE: Cloudy Kitchen Cannabis Coconut Oil Recipe

Herb: Cannabis Cookbook

This amazing cookbook has over 200 pages of delicious recipes that will help you to elevate your cannabis cooking or baking.

Melissa Parks and Laurie Wolf, a.k.a the Martha Stewart of cannabis edibles, have constructed an amazing resource with Herb.

This cannabis cookbook will give you recipes that downplay and complimet the taste of cannabis in your food. No special equipment is needed for the recipes in Herb and this book will turn anyone into a gourmet cannabis chef.

Discover how to make potent, consistent, and delicious cannabis-infused breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks!

Cooking With Cannabis

From the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana Edibles”, according to The New Yorker, this cookbook will take your canna-cooking game to the next level.

The benefits of cannabis are well-known. Consuming cannabis as an edible has become an extremely convenient way to ingest your medicine.

Unfortunately, many of us are somewhat unimaginative when it comes to cooking with cannabis and we usually stick to brownies or cookies.

Over 70 recipes are packed into this useful resource. There are also a variety of gluten-free and vegan recipes for those with dietary restrictions or needs.

The 420 Gourmet Cannabis Cookbook

JeffThe420Chef has created one of the best cannabis cookbooks on the market today with The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine.

He began cooking with cannabis as a way to help a friend’s mother mange her pain and nausea associated with cancer. His fun and loving approach to cannabis education, food, and practical info shines through in this cookbook made for those who love their edibiles.

This cookbook will become a kitchen companion for marijuana enthusiasts across the planet. Not to mention, your edible game will be elevated to an elite level!

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

Cannabis has become one of the most trening ingredients in food with recent legalizations across North America. Making your own cannabis-infused food is an evolving art that this book with certainly help with.

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook covers every meal from breakfast to dinner as well as snacks, desserts, cocktails, and even alcohol pairings for differen marijuana strains!

This cannabis cookbook contains over 100 recipes that will leave any level of chef satisfied and well-medicated. Not to mention, there are also important tips regarding trimming, storing, and mixing your cannabis into oils and butter.

Wake And Bake

This colourful guide to baking with cannabis is a great gift for cannabis chefs in your life. There are over 50 cannabis-infused recipes with photographs and simple methods.

This cannabis cookbook was designed with the novice in mind, so it makes a great gift for those who are just starting to make edibles.

Also, Wake and Bake features gluten-free, vegan, and dairy free recipes for those who have dietary requirements. This is a great book as a starting point for any marijuana enthusiast who would like to start infusing their foods.

A cannabis cookbook can become an invaluable companion for those who enjoy experimenting with their own marijuana edibles.

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