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Cannabis Storage – Keeping Your Marijuana Fresh And Potent

Proper cannabis storage is an essential habit if you want your marijuana to stay fresher, and remain potent, for longer.

Keeping marijuana strains separate (unless you’re making a nice salad), storing cannabis out of direct sunlight and heat, as well as a consistent temperature, are all incredibly important steps in keeping your cannabis fresh and potent.

What Will Degrade The Quality of My Cannabis?

Air – Exposure to oxygen will dry out your cannabis. While dried cannabis contains more of the CBN cannabinoid, it is not the most ideal to smoke. Exposing marijuana to oxygen may cause it to seem harsh when smoking.

Temperature – The ideal temperature to store cannabis is between 21-26 degrees Celsius (70-80 F). Anything hotter or cooler may degrade the quality of your marijuana.

Moisture/Humidity – Research has shown that the ideal temperature for storing cannabis is between 59 and 63 Relative Humidity.

Light – Sunlight will dull many of the terpenes and cannabinoids in marijuana. An example of this is leaving a book or piece of coloured paper in sunlight for a long time. Eventually, the colour fades. This is similar to the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis fading away after being exposed to sunlight.

How To Choose The Correct Cannabis Storage Container

Size – The size of the container matters due to the amount of oxygen that will come into contact with your marijuana. Example, when your stash gets lower, transfer to smaller containers in order to prevent more air coming in contact with your buds and potentially drying it out.

Material – Glass is recommended for cured cannabis storage. Stash containers with a neutral charge, such as airtight glass jars, are the ideal containers for cannabis storage. Also, glass has no odour, which is important for keeping the full flavour profile of your bud. Plastic baggies and containers may make cannabis taste like whatever they are stored in.

Airtight – Is your stash container airtight? If not, then your cannabis may be drying out as you read this…

When Storing Cannabis:

  • DO NOT Use A Tobacco Humidor
  • DO NOT Store In Refridgerator or Freezer
  • DO NOT Leave Cannabis In Plastic Baggies Or Containers (Only Do This Short-Term If You Have To)
  • DO NOT Store Cannabis Above Electronics, Appliances, Or Anything Else That Gives Off Heat

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