Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer


Just like the Air, Arizer Air 2 also uses a conduction/convection system for heating, but has more flavorful and cloudier vapor because of its new isolated air path and an etched heating chamber which allows it to have a more improved air flow than its predecessor. This makes the Air 2 vapor purer and thicker. With the new Air 2, you also get the feature for setting your temperature as you want and a screen to see the temperature you are on. This was not available for Arizer Air as the Air had 5 fixed temperature settings. It also comes with a replaceable battery system which makes the Air 2 perfect for you if you want to use something on the go.

Arizer Air 2 feels very solid in the hands, is very durable, and perfect for on the go use. This one also comes with a sleek carrying case and a 2 Year Warranty. If you’re looking for a great tasty vapor, full temperature control for vaping your dry herbs and on the go ability, the Air 2 is the perfect choice for you and the best in the market.


  • Multi-Purpose (For Dry Herbs & Aromatherapy)
  • Perfectly Portable
  • All-Glass Vapor Path
  • Isolated Airpath
  • Patented Hybrid Heating
  • Precise Digital Temperature Control
  • Fast Warm-Up Time
  • High Quality Ceramic Heating Element
  • Easy to use & Easy to clean
  • Carefully Sourced, High Quality Components
  • High Quality Boro-Silicate Glass Parts
  • High Capacity, Rechargeable, Interchangeable Batteries
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Use While Charging
  • Custom Session Settings (Only from Arizer)
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

 What’s Included

  • 1 x Air II Portable Micro-Heater
  • 1 x Air II Battery
  • 1 x Air II USB Charger /Power Adapter
  • 1 x Air II Glass Aroma Tube (70mm)
  • 1 x Air II Tipped Glass Aroma Tube (70mm)
  • 1 x Air II Glass Aroma Dish
  • 2 x Air II Silicone Stem Caps
  • 2 x Air II PVC Travel Tubes w./ Cap (70mm size)
  • 1 x Air II PVC Travel Tube w./Cap (Aroma Dish Size)
  • 1 x Air II Belt-Clip Carry Case
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • 4 x Air II Stainless steel Filter Screens
  • 1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals
  • 1 x Air II Owner’s Manual

We do recommend you pick up a couple of 18650 batteries and an external battery charger which you’ll need. As the Air 2 batteries can be replaced, it’s good for you to have a couple of charged batteries when you’re out and about.

Key Features

  • Full Temperature Spectrum
  • On Vape Temperature Display + Controls
  • Upgraded Battery
  • Improved Airflow
  • USB Charging

With the USB Charging capability now, you can use any USB to charge up your Air 2. The batteries are of 50% higher capacity for faster heat-up. You can also smoke up while the Air 2 is charging. On a fully charged battery, the vaporizer will allow you to smoke weed for 80 minutes straight and take a full 2 hours to be fully charged.

With upgraded, interchangeable batteries for the Air 2, you can easily swap out the dead battery with a new one to continue your cannabis smoking sessions.

One of the biggest complaints from users was draw resistance from the previous Arizer products. This is no longer there because of its new isolated air path and an etched heating chamber which allows it to have a more improved air flow than its predecessor. With the ability to control the temperature spectrum and on-vape display and controls, you can customize your draw as much as you like and according to your taste.


The Air 2 is completely portable except the glass tube which makes it a bit bulky. The Air 2 is 4.5 inches tall and weighs around 126 grams, is lightweight, durable and comes with a carrying case for your stems on the go.

Heating System and Vapor Quality

The Arizer Air 2 just like its predecessor also uses a patented hybrid heating system and comes with one of the highest quality ceramic heating element, but leans more towards the conduction side. Meaning, if the vape is turned on but just sitting there, your dry herbs will still keep vaping inside. But this also gives you a fast heat-up time and keeps your weed warm for your next hit.

The vapor quality is incredibly good with the new isolated path for airflow. With weed, different strains taste good at different temperature and since you can fully customize the temperature spectrum you can customize that accordingly to your needs.

Usage Tips, Cleaning and Maintenance

Remember to add screen to the mouthpiece. If you don’t, the dry herbs might come out from the stems while drawing.

Don’t overpack the chamber with your dry herbs. An average grind is perfect for a proper drawing experience. A fine grind will clog up the system and produce more drawing resistance.

Finish up with a chamber in one session and empty the chamber. This will reduce your time to clean up drastically. Don’t leave your dry herbs inside the chamber as it will cause draw resistance in your future sessions.

Once the stem and the screen are clogged, toss the entire setup into a jar of ISO and let it sit there for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Use a q-tip with a small amount of ISO to make sure it doesn’t go into the system. Turn the vaporizer upside down and swab out the heating element. Make sure the ISO doesn’t go into the system.


2 years with Arizer.


If you’re looking for something that gives you powerful, flavorful and mighty vape clouds with incredibly good taste and you want it on the go, this is one of the best products you will find in the market. It has great vapor quality, replaceable batteries for when you are out traveling and trekking. If you follow the cleaning up routine I mentioned above, your time on cleaning up will drastically reduce.


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