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5 Common Cannabis Myths And Urban Legends: Are They True or False? FREE E-Book

Enjoy our free e-book entitled: 5 Cannabis Myths: Are They True or False?


Enjoy this free cannabis educational resource that contains 5 of the most-heard myths, urban legends, and outright fabrications about our favourite plant. All sources are listed within 5 Cannabis Myths, Are They True or False? so feel free to investigate these cannabis myths for yourself.

If you missed the pop-up download, click the image below to view the book, and then click the download button (in the top right corner) to keep this great resource on your phone, computer, or tablet forever!


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The Cannabis Myths And Common Questions Covered In This Free Educational Resource:

Does Holding In Cannabis Smoke Get You Higher?

Can You Use Vaped Cannabis In Edibles?

Can Bees Produce THC Honey From Cannabis Plants?

Does Cannabis Kill Brain Cells?

Does Mango Make Marijuana Stronger?


Cloudy Kitchen Cannabis remains dedicated to our readers who have shown they are some of the more insightful, knowledgeable, and friendly people in the worldwide cannabis community. It is important to spread truthful information about cannabis, instead of hearsay, and this free cannabis e-book will help somewhat.

Cannabis has been stigmatized, suppressed as a medicine, and criminalized for too long. Governments and world leaders have spread falsities surrounding cannabis for over 100 years, and this is why such a robust community of cannabis consumers has arisen. This community knows the importance of information that is factual and relevant, as well as having a healthy distrust of government and large companies who have spread a false narrative about cannabis for so many years.


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