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Do Pro Athletes Smoke Cannabis? Is Smoking Marijuana Bad For Athletes?

Do professional athletes smoke cannabis? Seems like an oxymoronic combination doesn’t it?

Not so much, as many athletes across the world are coming forward with tales of how they or their teammates would smoke or ingest cannabis while employed by a major sports league.

Athletic competition has the ability to bring out the peak of human performance and cannabis is extremely helpful for many athletes. These athletes stretch the limits of their bodies on a regular basis and cannabis is incredibly helpful in recovering from and preventing injuries. In addition, athletes who smoke cannabis claim that marijuana helps with pain, recovery, anxiety, competitive mindset, and much more.

Yes, professional athletes DO smoke cannabis.

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Ignorant individuals will claim that marijuana and CBD have no place in any sport. This is simply untrue and exhibits a very short-sighted view. Not to mention, this type of opinion echoes the drug ‘education’ we all experienced at school; wherein ALL drugs are bad (except alcohol and pharmaceuticals obviously). This type of individual needs to realize that their opinion is now outdated. Almost to the point of a Reefer Madness parody. Most of these people could not complete an elementary school cross-country, let alone put their body on the line in athletic competition.

Now that cannabis is 100% legal in Canada and many U.S States – what will this type of individual use as their defence?

Athletes, generally, will not smoke cannabis directly prior to their competition. However, marijuana or hemp CBD has become a valuable post-game ritual for many of these elite competitors.

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Personally, I was using cannabis as a recovery tool for sports and the gym well before I knew the full medicinal value. I knew that cannabis made my muscles feel great, as well as allowing a great night’s sleep, and this was welcomed. I tried melatonin, physiotherapy, opioid pain pills, natural supplements, and a whole variety of ‘sleepy’ teas. This was before I realized that cannabis worked for ME as a tool to enhance my own athletic performance and recovery. At this point, I realized that elite athletes (i.e. not me) should be allowed to use cannabis on a regular basis. Aiding recovery, sleep, and pain or inflammation if they choose.

Why Do Professional Athletes Smoke Cannabis?

Not only does cannabis have the ability to soothe the muscles that are pumping at their absolute peak, cannabis also allows for adequate rest and recovery for many. The scientific studies that are released consistently regarding the benefits of marijuana, hemp CBD and THC for athletes is great news for pro-cannabis advocates.

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Nick Diaz – Mixed Martial Arts

Nick Diaz is a very interesting case-study in the world of cannabis and athletic competition. After a mixed martial arts fight at PRIDE 33 with Takanori Gomi, Diaz tested positive for THC in his bloodstream. His test results were crazy, to say the least. Diaz shocked the Nevada Athletic Commission. His tests revealed a THC level over 3 times the appropriate level for their drug test. But, Diaz WON the fight. The Nevada Athletic Commission argued that Diaz was so high off cannabis while fighting that he was numb to the pain. Consequently, the Nevada Athletic Commission claimed cannabis gave him an advantage. Nick’s brother Nate is also a known cannabis aficionado who has publicly vaped CBD post-fight.

Professional Athletes Who Are Notable Pro-Cannabis Activists:

  • Ricky Williams (NFL)
  • Nick and Nate Diaz (Pride, UFC)
  • Randy Moss (NFL)
  • Michael Phelps (Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer)
  • Stephen Jackson (NBA)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger ( Bodybuilding)
  • Orlando Cepeda (MLB)
  • Rob Van Dam (Professional Wrestler)
  • J.R Smith (NBA)

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Should Professional Athletes Smoke Marijuana?

Allowing athletes to use cannabis, hemp, CBD, or THC as a recovery tool or as a way to manage pain, inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia is the right thing to do.

Seemingly, many major sports leagues in North America (NHL, NFL, NBA, UFC) have turned a blind eye to the use of cannabis. This is because they have realized cannabis is harmless and allows their athletes to perform at the highest levels. A win-win scenario for owner’s and coaches who want the most from their athletes.

Other Ways To Consume Cannabis

If you are against cannabis in sport, answer me one question. Who are you to tell anyone what they can and cannot do with their own body?


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