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Can Cannabis Help Misophonia? Misophonia & Marijuana

Cannabis has the ability to relax the body and mind which is ideal for many different ailments such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, and inflammation. Misophonia research is in its infancy, but, personally, I find that using cannabis can help misophonia.

What is Misophonia? Can Cannabis Help Misophonia?

Misophonia is a condition in which sufferers are extremely irritated, or experience negative physical sensations, due to certain noises. This is an extremely simplified definition, as some sufferers I have talked to have even experienced physical sensations from noise, physical touch, or even movement.

As a misophonia sufferer myself, it is a debilitating disease that has had extremely negative effects on my life and continues to do so. Cannabis has helped me personally, and I reached out to others with misophonia in order to gauge their experiences with cannabis as a medical tool.

Does Cannabis Help Misophonia Sufferers?

This is anecdotal evidence only. No one is claiming that cannabis is a cure, or may even help you at all, but, marijuana may be worth exploring for more people.

Cloudy Kitchen – Cannabis For Misophonia

Isabella, claims that cannabis, “makes me less sensitive to noises in general”.

Hannah provided excellent anecdotal evidence that cannabis helps her misophonia. She said, “(marijuana) helps me numb out to my triggers, both from misophonia and physical touching.

Peter, stated, “cannabis is the only thing that helps”.

Megan, claimed, “cannabis seems to help me. However, I have been smoking longer than I have known about misophonia. I believe misophonia is a symptom of feeling out of control with my environment. Cannabis helps me to roll with the punches of my triggers and is especially helpful for the cinema”.

Amanda, claims. `her whole life has changed`, since using medical cannabis. She continues, I am now off all of the pharmaceuticals that were not working anyway. I used cannabis recreationally for many years before… but having the opportunity to go into a store and choose the strain has been a game changer`. Amanda even recommended some strains that have helped her personally; SkyWalker, Northern, Lights, and Lemon Walker were some of the strains she mentioned. Remember though,. every individual is different, and tolerance and need will vary.

Hasan, said, “Indica strains help me relax, while Sativa strains made me more sensitive to noises”.

Stacey, stated, “(cannabis) helps to lessen my reaction to triggers, delays my response time, and I get over it (the noises/trigger) faster)”.

Ashley: “Cannabis is the best thing for helping me, I tried drinking then Xanax, but cannabis just puts me in a mindstate where I can tolerate people`s sounds and movements”.

Taylor, “it (cannabis) relaxes my body and mind, helps me focus on what I am doing so I am not so sensitive to sounds”.

Although many with misophonia experience a calming effect with cannabis, for some, it exaggerates the problems associated with misophonia.

Claudia, stated, `unfortunately for me, it made my triggers worse, `. Claudia then went on to say that she had not experimented with different strains, which is the norm in places where marijuana is still illegal or hard to get.

Many individuals who explore marijuana as a medicine neglect to consider pure hemp CBD products. This type of product can become an amazing remedy, not only for anxiety, but many other ailments too. For those who experience more anxiety when consuming marijuana, consider hemp CBD.

This is anecdotal evidence only. No one is claiming that cannabis is a cure, or may even help you at all, but, marijuana may be worth exploring for more people.

Everyone with misophonia, or other mental health issues, deserves to know about cannabis as an option for medicine. 100 years of prohibition has stifled the medical marijuana movement, and people, such as those with misophonia, have to do a lot of their own research.

If you have misophonia, please reach out to Paul at

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