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How To Grow Cannabis – 3 Common Problems That Marijuana Growers Experience

Growing cannabis is one of the most rewarding hobbies for marijuana enthusiasts. Growing your own marijuana will ensure a reliable and safe supply of top-shelf cannabis.

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Percys Grow Room is an amazing resource for new and experienced growers alike.

Let our resident expert Percy from The Grow Room guide you in your journey of growing cannabis. Percy has been growing for over a decade and his site is an extremely useful place to talk cannabis growing, plant problems, and to seek advice.

How To Grow Cannabis – 3 Problems That Growers May Face

Over-Watering – Growing Cannabis

The roots of a cannabis plant need water and air in order to uptake nutrients. Mediums like coco, and hydroponics, do not usually suffer from overwatering. This is because an air stone is used in hydroponics, and coco is light and airy, so plenty of air can get to the roots. If your plant is showing symptoms of overwatering, in hydro, there may be an issue with your air stone.

Over watering in Soil

Most cases of over watered plants will be with plants grown in soil. Soil retains water for a lot longer than coco, so less air can get to the roots. If you do not let the soil dry out between watering, the roots can’t breathe.

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Bud Rot – Growing Cannabis

Bud rot can devastate a harvest, and any buds that infected with rot are no longer of any use. Some growers will turn these infected buds into oils and extracts. But this a very unsafe procedure. If you find bud rot on your cannabis plant, the only place for those buds is in the bin. Smoking or ingesting mould can cause serious health issues. Be very careful and wear a mask before dealing with any kind of mould.

What Does Bud Rot Look Like?

You notice bud rot in a few ways, it will show subtly, as a dead, brown/ grey patch on your buds. It can be devastating to find rot on your flowers after months of hard work growing them. Any bud with rot on is no longer usable, and because of the nature of grey mould, it will infect the biggest of the buds. Lets first go over how you got bud rot in the first place.

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Phosphorous Deficiency – Common Problems That Marijuana Growers Face

Phosphorus is the “P” in your N/P/K Ratio. Like Nitrogen and Potassium, it is known as a “Macro nutrient”, and is one of the three main elements needed in plant growth.

Phosphorus is like a power line, connecting all of your plants cells together. The energy created by the plant via photosynthesis, is transported around the plant using phosphorus. It is also a major element in flower, and root growth.

Because flowers are also built out of Phosphorus, you will find bloom foods, and P/K boosters will be high in phosphorus.

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The Effects of Phosphorus Deficiency

As said above, phosphorus is used by the plant transport energy from one place to another. If there is a lack of P, your plant will grow slowly, and become weak. Also, if you’re in the flowering stage whilst you have a P Def, your flowers will not form and grow to their full potential.

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