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5 Illnesses/Ailments That Can Be Helped With Cannabis

The cannabinoids found within cannabis are essential in treating a huge number of different mental and physical ailments. The illnesses helped by cannabis are numerous, and this will be an ongoing series of article from Cloudy Kitchen.

CBD and THC are the most well-known cannabinoids. These two have been the most utilized and isolated compounds within the medical cannabis industry. CBD and THC are vastly different in their medicinal properties, and it is important for a patient to understand this difference and how it can affect an individual.

Other important cannabinoids include CBC (Cannabichromene), CBN (Cannabinol), THCv (tetrahydrocannabivarin), and Delta-8 THC. Delta-8 THC is a less potent version of THC, which is known as Delta-9.

Cloudy Kitchen Editorial Staff

The first step for an individual is to book an appointment with a physician in order to discuss the benefits medical cannabis may have over pharmaceutical narcotics. Legal cannabis physicians are located throughout the United States and Canada. In some Canadian provinces, nurse practitioners are also able to prescribe cannabis as a medicine. In order to prepare for the appointment, any patient should do their own research into the medicinal properties of cannabis and how it may affect their medical condition. Here are five illnesses helped by cannabis.

Other Ways To Consume Cannabis

Cannabis for Pain and Inflammation

The natural analgesic properties of cannabis are similar to those found in cherries, coffee, olive oil, and salmon. These properties are also imitated within pharmaceutical narcotics. Modern research into this characteristic of medical cannabis has found that cannabis can produce relief for patients who suffer from many types of chronic pain. Cannabis may also improve the quality of sleep for people who do suffer from pain and find it hard to do so. Additionally, the analgesic properties within cannabis can make it a useful alternative for people who suffer from arthritis, menstrual cramps, migraines, and post-surgery or accident related pain.

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What illnesses can be helped by cannabis? cloudy kitchen cannabis. Weed and insomnia. marijuana and anxiety. Marijuana for eating disorders. Cannabis for pain

Cannabis for Anxiety

There are different types of anxiety such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that can be helped with medical cannabis. Anxiety can also be associated with other mental illnesses such as anorexia, bipolar disease, depression, and drug addiction. Studies surrounding cannabis and anxiety have had mixed results, which stresses the importance of the individual patient assessing his or her needs appropriately. On the positive side, some patients experience less social anxiety when consuming cannabis, which can be valuable for regulating stress and therefore anxiety. Medical cannabis has become a real alternative to mind-altering narcotics that may, in fact, worsen anxiety in some people. CBD, either from cannabis or hemp, can also help canine and feline anxiety!

Cannabis Can Help Illnesses Like Insomnia

Cannabis has the ability to reduce stress-levels and physically relax your body, therefore, it is no surprise that medical cannabis can help with the treatment of insomnia. Many people already know the benefits of cannabis regarding sleep and relaxation. But did you know that dried cannabis will make you sleepier than fresh plant material? This is due to the ageing process of cannabis which slowly turns THC into another cannabinoid called cannabinol or CBN. CBN contains sedative properties. In various studies since the 1970s surrounding THC and sleep, patients experienced longer and deeper sleep. Not to mention improved breathing whilst they were sleeping. Not to mention it was easier for them to initially fall asleep due to their body becoming physically relaxed. This benefit of medical cannabis can make it easier for healthy people, as well as insomniacs, to fall asleep.

The illnesses helped by cannabis are growing as more research takes place. Cloudy Kitchen remains dedicated to keeping our readers informed on the latest developments in the medical cannabis field. Follow by email, or link with one of our social accounts for daily information and pictures.

What illnesses can be helped by cannabis? cloudy kitchen cannabis. Weed and insomnia. marijuana and anxiety. Marijuana for eating disorders. Cannabis for pain

Cannabis For Drug/Alcohol Addiction

Cannabis can be considered as an alternative to more dangerous substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and either pharmaceutical or illegal narcotics. Marijuana can also help to regulate mood swings in recovering addicts. Often, these mood swings can lead to a relapse. Using a substance such as cannabis in place of alcohol and other damaging substances such as cocaine fits within a framework known as harm reduction. This framework intends to reduce negative outcomes for an individual by literally reducing harm to the individual. As with every disorder, every human can have different experiences.

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What illnesses can be helped by cannabis? cloudy kitchen cannabis. Weed and insomnia. marijuana and anxiety. Marijuana for eating disorders. Cannabis for pain

Cannabis Can Help Illnesses Such As Eating Disorders

Cannabis also has the ability to stimulate an individual’s appetite by heightening the senses, mainly smell and taste in this case. Anorexia sufferers may find medical cannabis useful in terms of stimulating a non-existent appetite, as well as relieving some of the anxiety surrounding the process of eating, which can be a major cause of the disorder in the first place.

The illnesses helped by cannabis is extremely large and it is ever-evolving. Recent research by Leigh University, in Pennsylvania, began studying the medicinal effects of cannabis on autism. This study will be the first to gather quantitative data on the use of cannabis with regards to autism and will be a big step forward in medical cannabis once the study has been completed.

Cloudy Kitchen does not dispense medical advice in any capacity. Cannabis can be used as medication under the advice of health care practitioners. The illnesses helped by cannabis are extensive, and there are only five included here, this section of Cloudy Kitchen will be forever expanding as new research, patient studies, and information comes to light.

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