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New Zealand Cannabis Legalization: A Referendum That Will Benefit The Nation

New Zealand cannabis legalization is on the horizon, learn more below.

New Zealand is progressive, and free thinking, and represents a modern nation of intelligent people. Although isolated, the country often punches far above its weight in terms of important inventions, sport, academia, and other pursuits.

Currently, New Zealand only provides synthetic cannabis medicines to a very small group of patients across the country. This will likely change in the coming years.

Medical marijuana should be made available to anyone who needs it and educational resources need to be implemented alongside a culture of presenting facts rather than outdated fiction.

Recently, the New Zealand government passed an amendment on the Misuse of Drugs Act which provides a legal defence for individuals to possess cannabis if they are terminally ill. This is s small step in the direction towards legalization.

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New Zealand Sure Is A GREEN Nation.

Why Should New Zealand Legalize Cannabis? New Zealand Is Already A Test Market

New Zealand has been utilized by app developers, social media companies and software developers to test new technologies

The country is already a major test market for big corporations in the technology sector. These companies produce applications or social media (Facebook tests in NZ), software, and even new and innovative technologies.

New Zealand’s savvy, and multi-cultural, society provides an ideal blueprint for companies without rolling out to a large-scale audience all at once. Once cannabis is legalized in New Zealand, other countries will 100% follow suit.

New Zealand Has A Dangerous Culture of Binge-Drinking

The introduction of legal personal cannabis to New Zealand will create a culture that is educated, and aware, of the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Not to mention, offering a safer substitute to alcohol.

The binge-drinking culture within New Zealand society is alarming, to say the least. Domestic violence and crime attributed to alcohol are also relatively high within the country.

Cannabis provides a safer recreational alternative to alcohol, as well as helping alcoholics and drug addicts by weaning themselves off harmful substances.

Why Should New Zealand Legalize Cannabis? A Self-Sustaining Marijuana & Hemp Economy

New Zealand is a nation with a lot of farmers and do-it-yourself types. The climate, space available, and population of New Zealand will provide a great foundation for a hemp-based sector of the economy.

Also, New Zealand is home to many, many great innovators, and trust me, it will not be long before we get a game-changing cannabis product from NZ.

The farming sector in New Zealand would do incredibly well with hemp and the country would soon become a world leader in hemp production.

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A green farm in spring. South Island, New Zealand

New Zealanders have the opportunity to vote in a binding referendum in the 2020 national election, taking place on 21 November. I urge anyone reading this from New Zealand to vote for personal cannabis use in this election.

This could be a life-changing referendum for many people in New Zealand who may be suffering from opioid addiction, alcoholism, mental health issues, and many more ailments.

Previous non-violent cannabis-related offences should be wiped from an individual’s criminal record as soon as possible. Non-violent marijuana charges are an impediment to gaining employment or a rental property to live in and can also have extremely negative consequences.

Pharmaceutical medicines are nowhere near as pervasive in New Zealand as they are in the United States and Canada and legalizing the personal use of cannabis is a great way to curb an evolving problem.

Cannabis legalization is a perfect compliment to a country with the pure, green image of New Zealand.

So please, Kiwis, get out and vote on 21 November 2020 for your personal rights.

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