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Two Important Personality Traits For Successful Budtenders

Budtending is a job like no other. Researching cannabis strains, marijuana products, and more is a big part of budtending. The research from a budtender ensures that the consumer is well-informed before they decide on a cannabis strain or product. What is budtending?

Not everyone can work as a budtender. During my time working at various dispensaries, I encountered and managed plenty of people who enjoyed their time as a budtender and dealing with cannabis. Unfortunately, these individuals did not have the drive or personality to give their customer an experience that was worthwhile.

Budtending is a job like no other. Researching cannabis strains, marijuana products, and more is a big part of budtending. The research from a budtender ensures that the consumer is well-informed before they decide on a strain or product. An example of this is customers who will ask about CBD for pets. An effective budtender will already know about this emerging trend and have information for their customer.

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These two traits below are a small glimpse into being a great budtender. Budtending involves a relationship with the customer like no other. A bad budtender will leave a sour taste in the customer’s mouth, and perhaps give wrong advice on cannabis products. Vaporizers are another area of interest for many new cannabis consumers. A budtender with this type of knowledge is very valuable.

Personality Trait 1: Communicable

A communicable personality will be an essential attribute to possess in a budtending role. In general, this type of personality on the macro-level is of great value to any business, but in a brand new industry with strict regulations, the individual will also be a great value on the micro-level. A communicable individual will relate to customers, other budtenders, and management through empathy and understanding. These traits are important because customers will be provided with an unrivalled experience. Budtenders with this attribute will be able to relay information easily, either to customers or to one another.

Personality Trait 2: Trustworthy

The industry needs to function risk-free in order to prove effective and viable. An individual working as a budtender will need to be entrusted with executing a government mandate as well as educating consumers and even other staff members.

Harm reduction strategies associated with the industry need to be implemented holistically. The cannabis industry needs to employ trustworthy individuals who understand marijuana industry regulations as well as product knowledge.

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If these are not known by the individual, they should be trusted to research information in order to become the most effective budtender possible. Trust is a basic element of a harmonious employer-employee relationship. Trust can be as simple as knowing someone will show up to work their shift. Budtending is an important job in the cannabis industry. Therefore, an effective budtender must be trustworthy as well as highly communicable.

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  1. Yeah, trustworthy is a huge one. I remember one time I went to a dispensary and asked for a strong sativa. This guy grabs some Black Diamaond, an indica dominant strain.

    I felt like he was trying to deceive me and didn’t care about my experience. After that I couldn’t trust that dispensaries treatment of products, and won’t ever shop there again.

    1. Michael, thankyou for your comment and for reading this article, we need more people who are actually honest, trained well, and have a true love for cannabis working in the legal industry!

      I have had very similar experiences in the various dispensaries that I have been to in Canada. I am also glad to hear you did not give them a second chance. A staff member who knowingly deceives you when looking for a certain product is bad news. I routinely use black diamond as a heavy medication, and boy, if you are looking for a sativa, this is 100% the WRONG strain.

      Thanks again for stopping by our Cloudy Kitchen and reading this article Michael 🙂

  2. Great tips regarding cbd for pets and vaporizers. As an old school doobie roller I’m educating myself on the later. As a wannabe budtender I appreciate the advice. Cheers!

    1. Thnanks for reading – Awesome to have you here budbubbler 🙂 The new cannabis industry is evolving every single day here in Canada and the U.S, the amount of info is staggering! I was a former budtender and dispensary manager if you ever need any advice please do not hesitate to reach out

  3. I appreciate the assistance. I find myself in an interesting place as I have over 25 years of customer service, writing, and training experience. I have been consuming cannabis for the same amount of time and now find myself at a forced career change moment. At my age and at this time during legalization infancy I may as well pursue what I’m passionate about. Now to make that happen. Any tips would be helpful!

    1. Well, I would start looking into the kind of dispensary you would personally want to work at. Make yourself known as a regular customer and interact with the staff members. Positive interactions with existing staff members when you are a customer will go a long way.

      When I was managing a dispensary we hired a few of our customers who handed in their resumes because we knew they were nice people and they had adequate knowledge to go with that personality. We could also tell some of these people to research a strain or product and the next day they would be full of knowledge. Doing your own research into new innovations and cannabis-related products is also an important aspect of working in the cannabis industry. Your passion will come through naturally, it is the knowledge of products and strains that will get you returning customers, and even tips sometimes!

      Thank you for your comments and positive feedback! I Look forward to reading more of your posts too

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