Smoking cannabis is enjoyed as a medicine across the planet, however, there are a few other ways to consume cannabis that everyone needs to know about.

Dont get us wrong, we absolutely love smoking cannabis. However, many who consume cannabis as medicine need these other methods if they are out in public, or cannot smoke.

Doing your own research and trying different methods remains the easiest way to explore this medicine. Many doctors in illegal countries will dismiss medical marijuana because they are likely an indoctrinated baby-boomer or have benefited (monetarily or otherwise) from their relationship with big pharma.

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Smoking cannabis in a joint, blunt, bong, or pipe will bring very similar effects to one another. Find out how to get the most out of your cannabis by reading about vaping and edibles below.

Other Than Smoking, How Can I Use Cannabis?


Edible cannabis can be baked, fried, or slow-cooked into your favourite foods using cannabis butter or oil. Also, ingestible cannabis can come in oils, tinctures, or capsules.

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Edible Cannabis Is:

  • Consumed Orally
  • Has A SLOWER Onset Time (Effects May Not Be Felt For 1-3 Hours)
  • Easier To Dose Once Tolerance/Need Has Been Determined

Edible cannabis products are an important area to research if you use cannabis as a medicine.


Vaping cannabis has become incredibly popular in North America and Europe as it is discrete, convenient, and sometimes, gives more beneficial effects than smoking. Vaporizing cannabis involves ‘decarbing‘ the cannabis, a process also used in making butter or oil.

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Vaporizing Cannabis Is:

  • Efficient
  • Convenient
  • Odourless ( Oils/Concentrates)
  • Vaporizing Allows Different Cannabinoids To Be Extracted

In addition, many healthcare professionals claim that vaping reduces the risks that are associated with smoking cannabis. Not to mention, vaping cannabis allows for a strong cannabinoid profile to be utilized.

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Concentrates (Dabs, Oils, Budder, Wax, Resin, Rosin Etc)

Although this is still considered smoking by many marijuana enthusiasts. It is important to touch on concentrates as an alternate method to that of smoking dried cannabis flower.

Concentrated cannabis, also known as shatter, wax, live resin, and many more, is a strong, smokeable product. This concentrated cannabis product can be vaped (THC/CBD oil cartridges), smoked (known as dabbing), and consumed as an edible. Cannabis butter or cannabis coconut oil can also be made from concentrated marijuana products.

These type of cannabis products can be incredibly strong, and provide almost instant relief for many ailments.

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It is important that every patient researches their own personal needs, either with a healthcare professional or through reliable sources such as
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How To Use Cannabis To Get The Most From Your Medicine

There are a massive variety of reasons as to why people need to consume cannabis other than smoking it. One of the main reasons is the fact that smoking does get the absolute most out of your marijuana.

There are some individuals, such as athletes, the elderly, and others with severe ailments, that need the strongest possible effects from their cannabis. This is where ingesting and edible marijuana comes in handy.

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How Can A Non-Smoker, or Others, Use Cannabis?

Using the methods outlined above, cannabis can become a beneficial medicine for non-smokers. It is of great importance that advice is sought out from a healthcare professional or through your own detailed research.

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If cannabis works for you, it is important that you continue to use it as medicine. Cannabis is much less harmful than most prescription medicines, and the side effects are extremely minimal.

Also, the dosing of cannabis is highly individualized. Starting with a smaller amount of cannabis in edibles, or while vaping, is highly advised if you have not used these methods before.

Finally, the right strain and product are also a key variable in how effective smoking cannabis or other methods will be for you. Many medical marijuana patients experience significant differences between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains of cannabis.


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