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Valentines Day Gifts For The Cannabis Lover In Your Life

Valentine’s day was originally a “feast holiday”, in which a saint named Valentinus was celebrated. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many different ways. Some couples go out for dinner and a movie, others, will enjoy each other’s company at home.

However you celebrate, Cloudy Kitchen has selected a range of gifts that will suit men or women who love their cannabis.

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Herb: Cannabis Gifts For Valentine’s Day

This amazing cookbook has over 200 pages of delicious recipes that will help you to elevate your cannabis cooking or baking. This cannabis cookbook will give you recipes that downplay and compliment the taste of cannabis in your food. No special equipment is needed for the recipes in Herb and this book will turn anyone into a gourmet cannabis chef. Discover how to make potent, consistent, and delicious cannabis-infused breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks!

Cannabis Inspired Jewellery For Valentine’s Day

Cannabis jewellery has become a popular way of showing off your love for the great plant that is marijuana. The Geniferm range of cannabis-inspired jewellery is perfect for cannabis lovers this Valentine’s Day.

Glass Cannabis Stash Jars

Glass is recommended for cured cannabis storage. Stash containers with a neutral charge, such as airtight glass jars, are the ideal containers for cannabis storage. Also, glass has no odour, which is important for keeping the full flavour profile of your bud. Plastic baggies and containers may make cannabis taste like whatever they are stored in. Glass remains the best option.

Glass, Airtight Containers With Silicone Seals Are The Best Option For Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh

Cannabis Gifts For Valentine’s Day: Vaporizers

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Vaping dried cannabis, as well as oils, has become especially popular in North America and Europe. Namaste Vaporizers has an amazing range of herb, wax, and dual-use vapes ready to go. Pictured above is the Pax 3, marketed as the “Iphone of vaporizers”.


The Cannabis Encylopedia – Jorge Cervantes

This revised edition of The Cannabis Encyclopedia contains close to twice the information that of the previous editions.

Housing 2,000 new colour photos, this book makes a great companion for cannabis enthusiasts who love learning about marijuana. Also, The Cannabis Encyclopedia contains cultivations, medical, botanical, and harvest info that can help users greatly. Too often, cannabis aficionados have to source their own information from the internet and sources can sometimes be sketchy, to say the least. The Cannabis Encyclopedia has an abundant amount of cannabis facts, info, and great photographs.

Cannabis Grinders And Accessories

Everyone loves cannabis accessories. Personally, I love my kief-catching grinder that I have used for 2+ years. This type of quality grinder will leave you in awe of how easy it becomes to bust up your herb.

Bonus: Gifts For Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

We love pets here at Cloudy Kitchen and we know some owner’s cannot resist buying their pet something nice. Here are a couple bonus gifts for pets this Valentine’s Day.

CBD for cats. CBD for cat seizures. is CBD safe for dogs? CBD for canine arthritis. CBD for dogs. CBD natural remedy for anxious pets.

CBD Oil can be used for both cats and dogs. Readily available on Amazon and elsewhere.

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