Yes, vaped cannabis is completely safe to consume an edible or topical. Surprisingly, many people who use cannabis as medicine or recreationally, do not know this little secret.

Vaping marijuana is a similar process to decarboxylating which is used in making cannabis-infused butter and oils. This action dries the cannabis somewhat, but in turn, brings out more traits of a valuable cannabinoid known as CBN.

As long as you keep your vaporizer between 150-227 Celsius (315-440F ), the vaped cannabis is 100% fine to use in edibles. At higher temperatures, combustion starts to occur and the vaped cannabis becomes somewhat useless.

Vaped cannabis may look old, used, and brown, but seriously, it can be used for edibles, topical balms or tinctures, or even smoked.

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Vaping cannabis has become extremely popular in North America and Europe.

How Do I Use Vaped Cannabis?

  • Capsules, Fill Your Own Vegetable Caps With Vaped Cannabis
  • Cannabis Butter/Coconut Oil
  • Cannabis Alcohol, Tinctures
  • Sprinkle On Food – Peanut Butter Sandwiches Work Nicely With AVB

What is The CBN Cannabinoid?

CBN, or cannabinol, is a cannabinoid that is produced when THC is exposed to heat (but not burnt). CBN is not psycho-active and needs to be studied further as an isolated cannabinoid.

What is known, is that CBN does not bind as well as THC and CBD to the cannabinoid receptors in the body.  But, CBN has a very powerful sedative effect.

Medical research has shown that just 5 milligrams of the CBN cannabinoid is as powerful as 10 milligrams of pharmaceutical sedatives like diazepam.

Also, CBN has been found to have positive effects on skin cells in people with psoriasis. Not to mention, CBN also helps to alleviate inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis and other ailments.

More information is available over on the Reddit-sub Already Vaped Bud. 

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