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Marijuana Myth or Fact: What Does OG Stand For In Terms of Cannabis?

One of the most common questions I experienced as a budtender was what does OG actually stand for? This has been a long debate for cannabis lovers, as many different stories can be found as to the origin of the term.

Nevertheless, the debate continues…

Does OG Stand For Ocean Grown?

As mentioned above, the original kush growers from the United States had to smuggle seeds from Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a country of mountainous terrain and the home of kush marijuana.

Once these seeds had been taken to California, people started to realize that this type of cannabis grows very well by the ocean. Since the seeds were from mountain-grown kush in Afghanistan, the growers decided to call it Ocean Grown, which was shortened to OG over time. This theory does make sense, which is probably why it has gained so much traction.

what does OG stand for? what does OG kush mean? why is weed called og
Does OG Stand For Ocean Grown?

What Does OG Stand For? Original Grower

In the Netflix show Murder Mountain, there are several interesting stories about how seed smugglers got kush seeds from Afghanistan back to the USA.

This series goes into great detail about the 1970s marijuana boom in California and one of the stories mentions that OG stands for an original grower. This individual is referring to himself as an OG. Murder Mountain is a great show for cannabis historians and enthusiasts alike.

what does OG stand for? what does OG kush mean? why is weed called og
OG (Original Grower) Ed Rosenthal With OG (Original Gangster) Snoop Dogg, Smoking Some OG (Ocean Grown) Kush.

Does OG Stand For Original Gangster?

Hip-hop culture is incredibly pervasive across the world and currently represents the most popular musical genre on earth. Due to the spread of songs using OG as an acronym for an original gangster, OG is a well-known term used in late 1980s and early 1990s hip-hop such as NWA, Tupac, Kool G Rap etc.

This term did not become popular in the lexicon of Californians until the late 1980s and early 1990s. The term OG, in this sense, has been associated with cannabis and hip-hop culture ever since.

what does og mean? original gangster
E40 is considered an OG of the LA hip-hop scene.

What Does OG Stand For? Over Grow (Website)

Over Grow was a website that was set up in the 1990s and quickly became the first big cannabis forum. Cannabis breeders would use this website to sell seeds and plants over the internet during the early days of the internet. If you ever used in the 1990s please let me know! I would love to chat. One of their mottos was “Over Grow the Government”.

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