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What Is Cannabis Oil? Can THC or CBD Oil Help Me?

Cannabis oil is a highly concentrated, ingestable product that many patients use to get the strongest medicine possible. These oils are made from the cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant.

Please be aware that there are many variations, including CBD oil, which can be made from hemp or tomato plants, rather than marijuana.

Edible cannabis, and ingesting marijuana, may not be right for everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all solution concerning cannabis as medicine.

Learn more about cannabis-infused oils below.

How Quality Cannabis Oils Are Made

The cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis have been extracted using a CO2 process (usually) and then purified.

The purification of top-quality cannabis oil is achieved through a step known as winterization.

So, what is winterization? This process removes any plant material which is known as lipids. Winterization uses ethanol to dissolve the concentrated extract which forces the lipids to turn solid. The cannabinoids remain in the liquid.

After removing the marijuana plant lipids, the ethanol-cannabis mix is placed into a machine called a Rotary Evaporator. Then, the ‘rotovap‘ machine produces a highly potent, highly concentrated cannabis resin. This resin is then blended with MCT oil and there you have it, top-notch oil.

What Is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is derived from natural coconut oil. Additionally, MCT oil is flavourless, colourless, and produces no odour. Cannabis oils allow patients to get the most out of their medication.

Also, MCT oil has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as chain triglyceride and is a highly stable oil for medications, infusing food, and more.

Premium Cannabis Oils Are:

  • Lab Tested
  • Consistent (One Marijuana Strain)

Although cannabis oil is subject to regulations known as the Equivalency Factor. This measures the quality of cannabis used in oils.

There is a wide-variety between licensed producers in Canada. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you, personally, take the responsibility to check with your LP.

Also, the “Conversion Factor” is vital information. This lets the patient know what the equivalent in cannabis is for how much oil they will be consuming. For example, and this is only an example, 6ml of oil MAY equal 1 gram of dried cannabis. Consequently, patients are able to understand their tolerance and medical needs more efficiently.

How To Use Cannabis Oil As Medicine

It is better to start with a lower dose of cannabis oil and ‘topping up’ over a longer period of time rather than going too big, too soon. Marijuana-infused edibles can be used for a wide variety of ailments and illnesses.

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Adding cannabis-infused oil, or butter to food has become especially popular with the baby-boomer generation recently.
  • Place Oral Syringe/Dropper Into Cannabis Oil And Measure Prescribed Dosage
  • Then, Place Dropper Under The Tongue And Empty
  • Oil May Take Between 30-90 Minutes To Feel Any Effects
  • These Effects May Last 4-8 Hours, Depending On Dosage, Tolerance

How To Store Cannabis Oil Safely

  • In Order To Preserve Cannabis Oil, It Will Most Likely Come In A Dark Glass Bottle
  • Store Your Cannabis Oil In A Cool Dark Place
  • Keep Your Oil Out Of Reach of Children And Pets

Also, Your oil does not need to be refrigerated. But, it should NOT be stored on a windowsill or in direct sunlight either.

In addition, PLEASE do everything you can to store your oil safely and out of the reach of pets, children, and others who may not know what it is.

CBD hemp oil has become a beneficial medicine for many pets

How Can CBD Oil Help My Dog?

How Can CBD Oil Help My Cat?

Other Ways To Consume Cannabis

Do you consume cannabis-infused oil? Have you ever made your own oil?

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